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Q: What type of barrels do you manufacture?

A: We offer precision button-rifled, hand-lapped barrels in either 416R Stainless Steel or 4140 Chrome-Moly Steel.  Our range of offerings include AR Barrels (AR15 and the SR25/LR-308/DPMS AR10 formfactor, not including DPMS GII/Gen2), Savage Prefits (both small and large shank), Remington 700 "Rem/Ages" Prefits, Remington 783 Prefits, Ruger Precision Rifle Prefits, contoured blanks and unturned blanks.  We also currently offer Prefits and Contoured Blanks in Carbon Fiber.  For more information on how we make our barrels, please refer to The Process.


Q: Can I make changes to my order after I've placed it?

A:  AFTER ONE (1) BUSINESS DAY from order placement, any Order Changes are Subject To A $35 Order Change Fee.  It Is Incumbent Upon Our Customers To Know What They Need Beforehand And To Order Accordingly.  Once a barrel has been contoured (if applicable), it then becomes subject to at 35% restocking fee.  Once a barrel is complete and cancelled before it ships it is subject to a 40% restocking fee.  


Q: What kind of discounts do you offer for military/law enforcement/first responders?

A: Free Shipping for EMT, Fire, Police, Active Duty Military/National Guard/Coast Guard/Reservists/Military Veterans. Just email a picture of your applicable first responders ID card or departmental letterhead to [email protected] with your corresponding order # and I will reimburse your shipping on Web orders.  Free Shipping only applies to full-priced orders and is not valid with any coupon codes, sales or promotions.


Q: What are your order fulfillment lead times?

A: Our current estimated lead times are as follows:

Unturned blanks are 4 to 5 weeks

Contoured blanks are 8 to 10 weeks

Bolt-Action Pre-Fit Barrels are 12 to 14 weeks

AR Barrels are 14 to 16 weeks

Cryo adds ~2 weeks to order lead time

Cerakote adds ~1 week

Fluting adds up to 1 week

Carbon Fiber adds 1-2 weeks to base barrel/blank type lead time

Muzzle Brakes are 2-4 Weeks

Custom Orders add 4 weeks

Expedite Option reduces estimated lead time by approx. 50%-25%, not including 3rd party service lead times such as Cryogenics or Cerakote

Wait times are just an estimate, as tools can break requiring replacement, extending our lead time by 6 to 8 weeks or more

Our estimated wait times are very conservative estimates intended to account for any possible delays during production.  While it is not uncommon for us to complete and ship an order well before the outlined lead times, do not count on this on any given order.


Q: What type of finishes do you offer?

A: Our default finish, regardless of 416R or 4140CM steel, is the Polished finish.  Our Matte Finish option takes the shine down via aluminum oxide media-blasting.  This does not apply a black or blued finish to the barrel.  Both Polished and Matte finish will come in-the-white.  We also offer Cerakote, which is recommended for all 4140CM barrel orders to aid in rust prevention.


Q: What are the stipulations regarding your 1 MOA guarantee?

A: X-Caliber Barrel & MFG guarantees 1MOA or better accuracy (3 shot group) with the following exceptions:

Due to a lack of industry standards, X-Caliber will only guarantee 1 MOA or less on AR barrels with JP Enterprises or Rubber City Armory bolts, headspaced to them by X-Caliber Barrel & Mfg.

There is no guarantee of 1 MOA or less on barrels less than 16" in length, barrels with Spaghetti AR Contours, Lightweight AR Contours, or prefit contours #1, #2 or #3.


Q: What are the terms and conditions regarding your warranty?

A: Any alterations done to an X-Caliber Barrel & Mfg. barrel releases X-Caliber Barrel and Mfg. of any and all responsibility.  X-Caliber Barrel & MFG warranties barrels up to one (1) year following purchase against all manufacturer defects within our stringent specifications.

X-Caliber Barrel & Mfg. will NOT warranty barrels that have been fired with non-factory/hand load ammo!

If a flaw or issue arises that is determined to be X-Caliber's manufacturing, we will cover the shipping to us, correct the issue and cover the return shipping to the customer; if upon receipt every aspect passes inspection, it is incumbent upon the customer to be aware that they will need to cover shipping expenses, both ways.

For information on shipping and returns, please refer here.


Q: What does the Expedite option do?

A: Expediting a barrel will give it a priority tasking, meaning that when that work order reaches each station on the production floor, it gets bumped to the front of the line when that station is tooled up and running that configured rotation (for example: on a .308 Win Expedited order, when the drill is tooled up for drilling .30 calibers, the Expedited .308 Win order gets drilled first).  Otherwise, all orders that are not Expedited are processed in the order in which they are received, within each station's rotational schedule.


Q: Can I apply a sale or coupon-code discount to an order that was placed before or after the effective sale/promotion dates?

A: No.  Orders placed before the official start date of a sale, promotion or coupon issuance event will not qualify for any stated discounts, benefits or coupon codes of said promotion after the fact.  Conversely, orders placed after the official end date of a sale, promotion or coupon issuance event will not qualify for any stated discounts, benefits or coupon codes of said expired promotion.  ONLY ORDERS PLACED DURING THE OFFICIAL DURATION (BETWEEN START DATE/END DATES) OF A SALE, PROMOTION OR COUPON ISSUANCE WILL QUALIFY FOR THE STATED DISCOUNTS, BENEFITS OR COUPON CODE ISSUANCES THEREIN.


Q: What is your policy regarding cancelled orders?

A: Credit card orders cancelled before steel is cut are subject to a 5% card processing reimbursement fee. Orders cancelled after steel has been cut is subject to a 15% restocking fee.  Once a barrel has been rifled, it then becomes subject to at 35% restocking fee.  Once a barrel is complete and cancelled before it ships it is subject to a 40% restocking fee.  Any In-Stock items which are returned are subject to 10% restocking fee.  As our barrels are highly custom, they are oftentimes difficult for us to re-sell based on any given configuration and as such we cannot give full refunds for unwanted barrels or barrels that were ordered with undesired/mistaken specifications by the customer.  We will waive this restocking fee and also pay the return shipping costs if the return is a result of our error (you received an incorrect or defective item, etc.).  X-Caliber Barrel & MFG warranties barrels up to one (1) year following purchase against all manufacturer defects within our stringent specifications, assuming only factory ammo has been fired through the barrel and no alterations have been made to the barrel.


Q: What shipping carriers do you use, and can I ship to a P.O. Box?

A: Bolt Carrier Groups (BCGs), B.A.R.T. Tools and barrels will ship out via FedEx Ground, anything smaller (e.g. Barrel Extensions, Muzzle Brakes, Gas Blocks and Bolts not shipped as part of a larger order) will get shipped via USPS.  If shipping via USPS we can use a P.O. Box as a shipping address, but we cannot ship to a P.O. Box if shipping via FedEx.


Q: Can I get signature confirmation for delivery on my order?

A: Customers may request a signature required on our FedEx shipping. There will be an extra $5 fee for the service.

If FedEx records indicate your package has been delivered, and a FedEx delivery signature option was not selected, FedEx may deliver to a residential address without obtaining a signature. FedEx and X-Caliber does not accept liability for loss or damage due to releasing such packages.

If a package is lost in shipping, X-Caliber will file a claim and create a new work order for our customer. The new order will be expedited at no extra cost to the customer.

For information on shipping and returns, please refer here.


Q: What benefits does opting to have my barrel Cryo-Treated afford?

A: Cryo advantages: 50 to 60 fps increase at the muzzle, less fouling, tighter groups, 30% lower core temperature, minimal cold-bore shift, longer bore life.  For more informatin, please see our Cryogenic Treatment Info Page.


Q: Can I combine sales, promotions and coupon codes in a single order?

A:  No.  Only one (1) sale, promotion or coupon code is valid per order.  In some cases, while the cart checkout page may allow for more than one sale, promotion or coupon code to combine and complete as an order, we will be required to contact the purchaser and make corrections to the order before we can begin processing that order. 


Q: Why didn't I receive an account registration activation and/or order confirmation email?

A:  It is likely your mail service has, for one reason or another, flagged our email domain as spam.  Please ensure you either have added to your domain white-list or [email protected] to your email contact list.  


Q: What brand headspace gauges are approved for headspacing your prefit barrels?

A:  Currently we only approve the use of Pacific Tool & Gauge (PT&G), JGS and Clymer Headspace Gauges for proper headspacing with our barrels.  Other brands are often on the small side when measured against the industry standards we adhere to.


Q: What are your different barrel contours and how/where do you measure them?

A:  Please see the specifics of our Contours at our Contours Page.


Q: What are your Terms & Conditions?

A:  Please refer to our Conditions of Use Page.


Q: Do you have a dealer or OEM account program?

A:  Yes!  Please refer to our Dealer and OEM Pricing Information Page.


Q: What is your policy on shipping and returns?

A: For information on shipping and returns, please refer here. 


Q: I'm trying to check out but my shopping cart keeps showing up empty.  What can I do to correct this?

A:  Some default browser settings may prevent secure transactions such as our web-cart system from loading properly, and may need to be adjusted accordingly.  Also, most web browsers need to be updated continually to maintain proper functioning with certain types of web scripting languages.  Additionally, others report good luck trying different web browsers in some cases.  We recommend the following browsers: Firefox, Brave or Edge.


Q: What is your recommended barrel break-in procedure?

A:  See Below



X-Caliber Barrel Break-In

Procedure Guide


When breaking in your new X-Caliber Barrel, you should perform appropriate fire and clean cycles to normalize the bore surface. Each fire and clean cycle consists of a certain number of rounds fired (one to five) followed by a cleaning procedure (see below for reference), to be completed a certain number of times (1-25). These vary depending on the type of steel of the barrel, bore/groove diameter, velocity and pressure of any given round, etc. This is to be used as a guide. Since our barrels are hand-lapped, each barrel may break in a little differently. Some barrels may require more or less shots or cycles to break in than what is listed here.


416R Stainless Steel: Fire One Round then Clean: Do this 5-10 times. Fire Three Times then Clean: Do this 1 time. Fire Five Times then Clean: Do this 1 time.

4140 Chrome Moly: Fire One Round then Clean: Do this 5-25 times. Fire Three Times then Clean: Do this 2 times. Fire Five Times then Clean: Do this 1 time.


 Example: For a 416R Stainless Steel barrel, you would fire one round, then perform the cleaning steps outlined below a total of five to ten times (shoot 1 round & clean, done 5-10 times) before starting the three shot cycle where you would fire three rounds and then clean as outlined below, then proceed to fire five rounds then clean, completing the break-in procedure.


Each Firing Cycle (1 shot, 3 shot or 5 shot) should be followed by cleaning the bore (see steps below for reference):


1.)    Using a one-piece, coated cleaning rod with a properly sized bore brush (wet with your favorite non-foaming bore solvent), carefully clean the bore from the chamber end toward the muzzle (3-5 passes is usually sufficient). If you cannot clean from the chamber end, be sure to use a bore-guide so as not to damage the crown or muzzle end of the rifling. Let sit 30-60 seconds before moving on to the next step.

2.)    Push a dry patch down the bore. (2-3 times)

3.)    Put a few of drops of oil on a patch and push that down the bore so as to leave a thin film of oil inside the bore.

4.)    Begin a new cycle: Fire your next round or rounds in your next firing cycle and repeat cleaning as necessary.


It is recommended to keep a written tally of your current step within the process so if you get distracted you will know where you left off.