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1). American Independence Promotion

Celebrate our Independence Day for the whole month of July!

Purchase X-Caliber Barrels, Blanks, BART Tools, Muzzle Devices, Barrel Extensions, In Stock Items (includes Cryo, Cerakote or Fluting) and receive 50% of the value of those select items as a coupon code toward your next X-Caliber Purchase.

(May take up to one business day to issue your coupon code) 

*Derived Coupon Code value from initial order does not include Clearance Items, Bolts, Gas Blocks, Piston Conversion Kits or shipping fees.

*Coupon Code is not valid toward RCA Products, Superlative Arms Products or Clearance Items.




2). Get 20% Off All X-Caliber produced items and services

(Excluding clearance items, Bolts, Gas Blocks or Piston Conversion Kits).


This includes: Unturned Blanks, Contoured Blanks, In-Stock Barrels, Custom Prefits, AR Barrels, B.A.R.T. Tools, Lapping Compound, Barrel Extensions, Shirts, Stickers, Muzzle Devices, Fluting, Cryo Treatment and Cerakote Services


Use Coupon Code at Checkout: 1776


This 20% Off Coupon Code was originally scheduled to run thru July 10th, 2019, however due to popularity, the owner has extended this specific promotion until ?...


As always, coupon codes, sales and promotions cannot be combined, and you will not receive a 50% purchase value coupon code from the American Independence Promotion (No. 1 above) if you decide to use the 20% off Coupon Code (it’s one or the other).


Only one (1) sale, promotion or coupon code is valid per order.


 Unturned Blanks 2-4 Weeks

 Contoured Blanks 4-6 Weeks

Prefits 6-8 Weeks 

ARs 8-10 Weeks



Featured products

Configure Your Custom AR-15 Barrel

Build a custom AR-15 barrel

Configure Your Custom AR22 Barrel

Build a custom AR22 conversion barrel. For use with AR15 to .22LR conversion kits only (.22LR to 223Rem Chamber Insert type). These barrels come with .217/.222 or .218/.222 bore and groove rifling but with a .223Rem chamber to accept various conversion kits out there but without sacrificing accuracy/velocity from using improper bore/groove diameter. No gas ports are drilled on these barrels. -----MUST BE USED WITH AN AR-15 to 22LR CONVERSION KIT AND FIRED ONLY WITH .22LR AMMO-----PLEASE READ BELOW IN OVERVIEW FOR MORE DETAILED INFORMATION.

Custom AR15 Barrel for Superlative Arms Piston Kit

Build a custom AR-15 barrel specifically for use with a Superlative Arms Piston Kit. This barrel will come with properly sized and spaced gas block journal dimples along the bottom for use with Superlative Arms' Piston Retrofit Kits. The gas port will sized appropriately as well.


1.250" 416R Stainless and 4140 Chrome Moly

Configure Your Custom LR308/DPMS Barrel

Configure your LR308/DPMS barrel
.375 Raptor In Action -Friday, June 8, 2018
Video Of The .375 Raptor Doing What It Does.
Don't Be That Guy -Tuesday, May 22, 2018
Need a new rifle barrel for hunting season?
.45 Raptor Chambering Now Available -Tuesday, February 13, 2018
X-Caliber Barrels is now offering the.45 Raptor