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*Bolts and Muzzle Brakes will be shipped separately from Barrels* 


March Madness Sale

Your WEB order number will determine if you are to receive free Fluting or free Cryogenics and only if it was selected on your order. The only way to win for sure is to buy both. Winners will be refunded their Cryogenics or Fluting cost the following business day.


Important Announcement LR308

Due to a lack of industry standards, X-Caliber will only guarantee 1 MOA or less on barrels with Young Mfg. or JP Enterprises bolts, headspaced to them by X-Caliber Barrel & Mfg.


Cryo advantages:

50 to 60 fps increase in velocity, less copper and carbon fouling, decrease in group size, and P.O.I. shift, 30% lower Core Temperature.



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Configure Your Custom AR-15 Barrel

Build a custom AR-15 barrel


1.250" Stainless and Chrome Moly
.45 Raptor Chambering Now Available -Tuesday, February 13, 2018
X-Caliber Barrels is now offering the.45 Raptor