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Superlative Arms Gas Blocks, Rubber City Armory Bolts in all sizes, B.A.R.T. Tools for AR15 & AR10, T-Shirts with more to come!



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B.A.R.T 2.0

Step 1: Tighten BART's head in a bench vise on the "Flats" provided. Step 2: Put barrel in upper. Slide barrel nut over barrel and finger tighten barrel nut to upper. Step 3: Slide upper onto BART 2.0 until barrel extension locks onto the teeth Step 4: Tighten barrel nut to upper with barrel nut wrench to specifications stated by handguard manufacturer.

B.A.R.T 1.0

Square the face of your upper to the BCG. Make your barrel in line with your upper.

Lapping Compound .5 oz

For use with the X-caliber B.A.R.T Tools

Rubber City Armory

High Quality BCG's & Bolts (Non-Stock Item)


What is more custom than a barrel in your favorite color?

Gas Blocks, Superlative Arms

Adjustable Bleed off Gas Block "Non-Stocked Item"