Took the new rifle to the range on Friday, rebuilt a Rem 700 action with one of your barrels in 280AI. I wanted to break it in and check that the barrel could hold a group. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much, had to mount the scope with some cheap rings as the expensive ones have a manufacture defect, trigger has not been adjusted at all and I haven’t loaded any 280AI so I was fire forming some 280 loads from before the barrel was changed.

I would say it turned out very well! I shot the 5 round group at the end of the break in procedure you guys recommend. I’m guessing it is going to be 1/2MOA with a good load.

Great job and I will be ordering more barrels in the future.

-Scott Cannon

Just wanted to thank X-Caliber for a great product that produced another great season in the Precision Rifle Series. I shot 9 matches in the PRS Gas Gun division and won 8 with your barrel. I won the Master Piece Arms series Championship, the Clinton House series Championship and the PRS Southeast Regional Championship in the Gas Gun division with your barrel! I have over 2000 rounds through it and it is still producing wins! 

-Jody Weigle

Finished my build today. Thank you for your excellent work. 5 individual shots with cleaning in between. Shots 6,7, and 8 at 100 yards. I think your 1 moa guarantee was achieved. Thanks again. 


I have just placed my 3rd barrel order from X-caliber.  I wanted to share a thank you to you and your teams. Each time I have placed an order it has arrived safely and has exceeded my expectations.  I suspect that this time will be no different. The bottom line is I have grown accustomed to the excellent work your teams do. As this may be my last barrel purchase for a while. 🙁  I wanted to express my gratitude and hope that you will forward along the thanks to the teams. Because of their fine work I was able to finally make the 1000  yard shot with my rifle. It was quite the journey.   

So from one marksman to another. 

Thank you,

Hope to see  you on the range.
-Phil A.

I just posted this on the MDT Chassis page.  Noted the barrel is X-Caliber. I won the 700 yard cold bore.

Cold bore competition is like the real world, IMO.  Old Montanan “Indian” wisdom: “one shot, deer. Two shots, maybe deer. Three shots, no deer.” Dr Dave 

It is truly amazing the Amount of joy that only one 7mm-08 round fired through an X-Caliber barrel can bring! Not only the joy from my 10-year-old daughter Abigail tagging her very first Whitetail on her very first hunt, but also the joy of a super proud Dad and mom and cousin by seeing the joy on her face! 💕💕💕.
That one 7mm-08 round fired through an X-Caliber Barrel made every part of this worth everything.
-Regards, Jim Brown


Another successful weekend at The Tactical Games.  1st Place Finish Mens Masters 50+ at the Brownells Big Springs Shooting Complex in Iowa.

- Edwin Herasymiuk

My wife used to have a 7mm-08 that she lost in a house fire and I really wanted to buy or build her a new one. So I decided to build her one.

I had never ordered a custom barrel or even build an AR before.  On July 4th I email X-Caliber with questions and I received my answers on July 5th.  I knew right then that I would give it a try.  I placed my order (7mm-08 stainless 16”) on July 6th. On September 9th it was delivered and I love it!  

I special ordered all the other parts and I built my first AR10 in 7mm-08. 

I completed the recommended break in and I can say it is a tack driver (sub MOA) . After the full break in I gave it to my wife and she totally loves it. Even my 10 year old is wacking 8” steel at 200 yards!  

This AR10 with this X-caliber barrel is amazing! It is the smoothest shooting rifle that I have shot.  I definitely will be ordering from X-Caliber more in the future! 

 Jim Brown 

"My new 6GT barrel is working perfectly. I've won four PRS matches this year in the Gas Gun division and the "Best in Alabama". Next month I'm looking to take top Georgia Gas Gun and then repeat for the top Gas Gun in the South East Region. Thanks again for your support and chambering a 6GT for me!"

- Jody Weigle

"Of the three Tactical Games competitions I completed in 2021, I have two 1st Place wins at regional events and one 3rd Place win at the National Championship.  If all goes well this year, I will be competing in at least 4 competitions this year [...] using your current barrel.

Just this weekend I took 1st Place in Gas Gun Division for The Tactical Games Sniper Challenge event in Alabama using your 18” 6.5CM Barrel.  This event took us out to 800 yards for Individual Gas Gun division.

Back in February, I took 3rd place in The Tactical Games Meridian, Ms. Masters 50+ division with your Spaghetti 14.5 AR barrel.

For the Tactical Games events, I am running your barrels exclusively."

 - Edwin Herasymiuk

"I recently got the barrel for my savage axis I've been waiting on.  (22-250AI) Worth the wait!  It is an honest sub MOA barrel with Hornady 68 gr otm & Varget.   I've never had a group larger than 3/4 in @ 100 yards, that was a ten shot group where I included a flyer.  The first shot has the same poi as all the others. Now I need to work on MY skill, since this rifle with this load will shoot a small ragged hole if I stay focused.  Pretty good for a budget rifle with a Boyd's stock & timney trigger."

- Robert J.

I just wanted to send everyone there a thank you note.  The second barrel I have bought from you was chambered in .308 Winchester, it's another great barrel.

Sub MOA at 1000 yds.

Thanks, Fritz

My testimonial below was proven in competition.  The barrel with the matched bolt just works...period!

- Jody Weigle

I bought this 6mm creedmoor barrel for my DPMS AR several years ago, and finally installed it this past summer. This past weekend, I used the rifle in a mid range prone match (3matches at 600yd). I fired my highest score ever posting a 200-14X and placing first overall with 596-32X. Rifle shot very well even though I was in prone position using a sling, not from a bench or supported position.

- Neil 

I purchased an X-Caliber 24" bull barrel with a matching RCA bolt chambered in 6 Creedmoor for my Precision Rifle Series Gas Gun. After having Chris Daniels from Half Cocked Arms lap my receiver and bed the barrel I went through the break in process and ran about 200 rounds through it to let it finish speeding up. I did some quick load development and it dialed right in!! Five shots at 100yds. (.229 inches) I can't wait to get this to a match!

- Jody Weigle

[UPDATE]: To follow up on my testimonial from a few weeks ago on the xcaliber AR10 barrel I purchased, it works! I fought trigger issues all day, but when my trigger was working I was hitting. My AR10 had no issues out to 1,200 yds and I won the Gas Gun division at K&M! In Oct I will be competing in the PRS South East Regional Championship and can't wait to get this thing back out there! Thanks again for getting it to me quickly!

- Jody Weigle

These groups are from my 26" X-Caliber 308 barrel, 1:10 twist. Load: 175 grain SMK, 42.4 grains of IMR 4064, Federal 205M primers, Lapua Palma cases. Groups were fired at 100 yards. The diamond is 2" from top to bottom.

- Daniel Burnette

I wasn't sure if going with a custom carbon fiber barrel was worth it, plus 12 plus weeks waiting was not appealing.  After going through your break in process here is my first 5 shot group.  I'm an average shooter and built the gun from an existing action up.  I'll buy another.


- Brent

Pass on to the crew in the shop, good job. The last few rifles I’ve put together have all shot awesome. I finally got time to finish my project to help promote some more builds. Here’s some photos of the 20 Practical barrel you built for the Fort Peck Gun Club. Worked up some quick loads only to find that it shot them all well :) Thank you,

- Shane Hoyer. 

This is a group i shot Sunday. I was shooting my Savage (Stevens, actually) in 6 Creedmoor with your x-caliber barrel. Bipod. Oh, 600 yards. That what makes it unusual. Plus the fact that it’s a Savage 😉.

Kudos to the crew for making a great product. Keep up the good work.

- Dr. Dave

6.5 Creedmoor, RemAge, 26” 5R 1:8 Twist and Cryo. Here are the perforations done by my Rifle. I'm sooo happy.

- R Dauglash

.264 tubes we built matching creeds with the same load 2 different rifles. 3 round groups

5 shots on top and 3 in the middle !! Tell the guys in the shop tremendous barrel making !!! My shooting partner had the same results with both his x caliber barrels. 💰💰

Thank you for being a supporter of the PRS community and specifically a sponsor in the Southeast Regional finale hosted by VPRC. I know I’m late in sending this, but still wanted to share. I was fortunate enough to pick up your cert for 50% off a barrel. Thank you! I would also like to say that I have had very good results with two different X-caliber barrels. Both came on MPA PMR rifles, one in 6mm and one in 6.5mm Creedmoor. They both shoot outstanding! I used the 6.5 last year for 2 Pro matches and won the production division at Gap Grind and Frontline Fury. I’m getting the new 6mm ready for Best in Texas at the beginning of February, and after only 100 rounds, it’s printing one ragged hole at 100 yards. Looking forward to using your barrels in 2020! 

Thanks again for making a great product and your support!

-Mike Burns

406 Precision 223 Rem 5 shot group 100 yards 

Thank you fine people at X-Caliber. I recently purchased a 22-250 barrel shooting under 3/8 groups at 200 yards. Top hole on Target is cold bore . Five shots at 200 yards

- Darren R Shroyer

7.62 X 39 Ammo with Russian primers are very hard. My AR-15 would fire 1 out of 5 or 2 out of 5 rounds. I thought my head spacing was bad. I had it checked with my new bolt and the head spacing was right on. I contacted High Performance Firearms. They sent me a Heavy Gunner Trigger Assembly. I was informed to use the red spring. I have not had a mis fire since. 

- Rob S

This was a six shot string, I pulled one but 5 hit within 1.24 inches at 300 yards at tac pro shooting center.

- Larry

Just wanted to say Thanks for that awesome AR9 Barrel I purchased from you
guys. That thing rocks!! Really happy with it, have run about 200 rounds
thru it flawlessly and the break in procedure went nice and easy. Shoots
like a tack driver. Tagged and follow you guys on instagram too.
Hope you guys have a Happy Easter!!!
Thanks a lot and keep up the great work!
- Matt

I just finished with your break in procedure and a 3 shot group of touching holes was the result at 100 yards with my .243. Load was Hornady 103gr. Eld-x and 41gr. IMR 4350. Thanks for the expert advice.

Great work guys!

- Randy Karch, Vineland NJ

I just received my barrel, and after a cursery inspection, it is beautiful. After a more thorough dimensional inspection, I found it to be perfect. I am so impressed, as a production machinist and NDT tech, I understand the processes utilized, and know that the hardest thing to maintain is operator give-a-damn. It is obvious by your product that you have top notch people working there, and as a customer coughing up hard earned cash, I am happier 'N' 'Ell with my barrel, thank you.

- Andrew

- Bryan Lewis, 6-6.8 SPC [1:9" Twist], 70gr bullet, 5 round group, 100 yards

The X-Terminator muzzle brake in action!!
The video shows a 10" .308 Win AR Pistol with no brake, then an A2 Birdcage (which are everywhere), and our X-Terminator Muzzle Brake. It blew our expectations out of the water!!

This is the first 5 shots, at 500 yards. The 5 grouped together, were around 2.5 total, closest, 1/2 inch spacing. These first shots were from a bi pod mount, with a borrowed scope, to just sight it in! It was using standard off-the-shelf hunting rounds! I believe these were Winchester factory rounds. Using this same set-up. my first shot, at a 1000 yards, was met with a "BONG"! This was an exceptional group, at 500 yards, using an exceptional barrel!

My shot group using your 6.5 barrel. Chambered in 6.5x47 lapua done locally. Great results this is just a 100 yard group. Notice the dime.

- Larry Stuart

2080 Yard Target, X-Caliber Barrel

You make some really good barrels, I'm really enjoying it.  Thanks.

- Fritz

Amazing barrels and service! Shooting a 28” 1-8 5r, 7mm-300wm in one of my rifles, shoots anything ½” moa! And just received my second barrel from Y’all, will end up a 20”, 7mm-08, 1-9. Received it 8 business days after order! That’s great service! I’ll definitely continue to buy your barrels! Thank you for the quality and service provided!!!

243 X-Caliber 1:7 twist barrel. 6 rounds in center target, 8 rounds in top left target, 12 rounds in top right.

Keep in mind these targets are paper that is very thin, thus increasing the size of the hole slightly. I couldn’t be happier with any barrel! Thanks so much for your brilliant craftsmanship!!

- Steve Walters

Thank you for all your help.  I just wanted to update you on the in stock barrel I bought from you, while I wait on the other to be built.  It was the 24" thermal flute national match gas port.  1:6.5 twist.  After about 150 rounds total, its shooting great.  With the 90 grain factory federal match bullet. We were consistently getting 3"-4" groups at 525yds. The best group late in the day was a sub 1" 3 shot group at 525yd. Best 5 shot group was just under 2" at the same distance.  Not sure I can be upset with that.  Actually I'm elated.  This thing is a laser! If it continues like the Creedmoor barrel I got from y'all it'll just get better. 

The barrel was cleaned after every shot for the first 5. Then every 3 for 15 shots.  Then 5 for 20 shots.  Then cleaned every 20 rounds.  With very little fouling and shoot as well as it did.  One can only imagine just how it'll settle in. 

   Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.  I'll continue to buy X-Caliber barrels and continue to sing its praises. 

Thanks again for the great customer service and fine products. 

- Matt Brown

I just want to let you know I received my new 243 barrel last week and did some load development yesterday evening with it. I couldn't be happier!!! Had to walk the scope in and when I got it on target,I fired my first 6 round group that measured .172". That was with 105 RDF's. Then fired two more groups with 108 ELD Match bullets-both were slightly under .225"!!

Don't think I've ever witnessed a brand new barrel shoot like that! Thank you so much for the hard work and precision you put into your work. When I shoot my 6.5 Creedmoor barrel out,I will be ordering another barrel and wouldn't think of letting anyone but you guys to build it!

Thanks so much! 

- Steve Walters, Central Kentucky


Jason Hughes’ 5 shot group with his 1-6.5” twist barrel chambered in .224 Valkyrie with 95gr SMK at 100 yards. 

It already won me $100 two weeks ago @700 yards and out shot my buddies last week @400 yds. All on factory ammo because I didn't have dies yet. Thanks for the great product! This is from a bipod not a bench rest or bag.
- Dr D

Here are some results from my first range session with your 18", 1-10T, .375 Raptor barrel. Incredible accuracy for a big bore AR.


- Landon Moses

As you know the Dr. Jekyll-308 was a successful build.  At 400 yrds (Longest Range Sofar) it hammers skinny nails using both the custom built 168gr and 208gr with technical powder load rounds. 

Mike Michaels 600 yard target 6.5 Creedmoor.

Bighorn Custom Firearms and Finshes

MSG James Eagleman, 6mm Creedmoor, LR308 22" Rifle Length Gas System, HBar Contour

1,000 Yards

Just wanted to let you know that you guys have a great product. This is a xp-100 chambered in 20 ppc I put together with your .20 Cal 3 groove 1:11 twist barrel. I am so impressed with the way it shoots. I will definitely be using an x-caliber barrel on my next build. The target is a 5 shot group at 100yds.

I had Carl at "Precision Shooting of  Wyoming" carbon fiber wrap my X-Caliber barrel. 

- Willie Knoernschild

Bull shot in Colorado by Dave Heradia at 963 yards with a custom 28 Nosler built by Davison Precision Rifles with an X-Caliber barrel. He also shot shot an elk cow with the same rifle at 640 yards. The rifle/barrel shoot great.

Shot 5 groups tweeking seating depth
31" 8T, unturned blank
Non trued Rem 700
Pillar bedded wood 40X stocks
Leupold 36X
29.0g of R#17
105g Hornady A max with various seating depths from .006 jam to 0.030 jump
Formed Lapua 308 with large primer
Velocity is 3170 fps
wind was a factor, but largest group was a .294
I have 308 palma brass formed and ready to work up groups with in this 6 XC.  When I was forming this case from Lapua brass, I ended up with a long neck. So, I ordered a neck reamer and cut the neck .100 longer, which will change the turbulence point, then added .105 freebore with a unithroater.  This is a really good looking case with the long neck.  Lot of work, however.
One of the new blanks I have one order from you will be on a Stolle Panda with a 6 Dasher and another Panda with 6x47 Lapua.
I have another X caliber blank that is now 24" that is chambered in 6 BRX,10T with a .060 throat, and it is so accurate it is boring.
Thanks for the great quality work on these barrels
Keith Candler

This picture is the half octagon barrel on the finished gun.  .257 Roberts. This thing shoots as sweet as it looks.  You guys did a fantastic job on the barrel.

Mark Skaggs, 6.5 Creedmoor, first 20 rounds through my X-Caliber barrel, 100 yards.

Brandon Wetzel 308, 1-10 twist, 16", straight fluted, oversized gas port, 100 yard 5 shot group.

Brandon: I gave one my 13.7” X-Caliber 5.56 barrels to my buddy Seth who reviews gear for me, and he just sent me this email with the attached photos. Not bad for a short barrel.

Just a photo of the finished Remage, with that last barrel I obtained from you. Fit was perfect and it is shooting great.  Loads are fire forming and are running around 1/2, so far. From a bag over the Jeep hood and 6 power scope setting. 100 yards.  Thank you    Bill K

Steve Witty

It was windy and hurried! If it was decent I know I could have one holed it! Amazing barrel, love it! 260 Rem

West Young

I recently purchased one of your Savage prefits chambered in 6.5x47.  I did a break in procedure yesterday and went out today to do some follow up testing.  I have replaced my Shilen barrel with yours and let me tell you its a fine piece of craftsmanship.  I originally wanted to try your barrels after reading reviews from different sources.  The Shilen barrel has proved to be a very accurate .25 MOA barrel and I wanted to keep the round count low.  However, I do believe you have converted me into a life long customer.  I wanted to say that you and your staff have answered all my questions and I had the barrel in 5 weeks!!  Great company that makes exceptional barrels!!

The target included today illustrates what a great barrel can do!  Top left target is foulers...the rest were different powder charges of RL15 and 123 grain Lapua Scenars.  These are all 5 shot groups at 100 yards from a benchrest.  Rifle is a Savage Target Action with your 28 in bull contour 6.5x47L.

David Vance was at a friend's farm Tuesday. I think the 4 shot group is pretty good for 600 yards. Especially as my gun is notwearing a benchrest stock, but rather a cheap Choate tactical stock shooting off a bag.

GL Guns and Gear

Got in a barrel from X-Caliber. See the link below. This is an M110 profile, 20 inch, LR308 style barrel. We have it fitted to an Aero Precision upper/lower and SLR Rifleworks handguards.

These barrels come at an excellent price point and deliver great accuracy, not just for the price. They do a lot of custom barrel work, so you do not have to just order standard barrels. They will do custom fluting, chamber almost any cartridge, and profile. They also do pre-fit barrels for bolt guns.

Sub MOA .308

Todd Delle of Montana, 7" AR Pistol Barrel in 300 Blackout

6mm Dasher 1-8 2.75" @ 1,000 yards. Leo Anderson

The rifle is a Marlin X7 chambered in my wildcat, the .430 SJS with reamers made by Dave Manson and the experimental barrel made by X-Caliber barrels. Jeremy Shaw

Hunter/Dustin...Here is the rifle, I put the barrel on and a couple of group shots.  It is working very, very well.  I know the next one will also, also going on a axis donor when it arrives and the AR I just ordered.  Bill K     (Thank you again, for your service.) 9/17/2015

love my x-caliber barrels couple of groups from my 7mm valkyrie you did for me. Bruce 9/17/2015

Below is my new creation Sig Sauer M400 VTAC upper/ lower, Valkyrie .224 X-Caliber 1:6.5 twist 22" bull barrel, Timney 4lbs AR-15 trigger, MidWest 18" handrail, Iron City BCG, Magpul gen3 Butt stock, Leupold VX-R Patrol 1.25-4x20 30mm. I must give a shout out to Steve and crew for helping me put together this AR platform!!!

Below are the results from Saturday 05/04/2019 using the 224 Valkyrie @ 100 yards, 10 shot group with Federal SMK 90gr factory ammo for break in period and Leupold 4x scope. I was blown away with what this rife did even at the break-in period; more updates to come…


Rob Shaw

[UPDATE 05/28/2019]

Below is my revised 224 Valkyrie build with the Vortex Razor Gen ll 4.5-27x56mm EBR-C1 MRAD scope…

Below are the results from today Monday 05/27/2019 (Memorial Day) using the 224 Valkyrie @ 200 yards, 5 shot group using SMK 90gr hand loads @ 2623fps average with a .704 MOA. I didn’t adjust the scope for the load development period…


Rob Shaw

[UPDATE: 06/11/2019]


Thank you again for providing an awesome barrel for my 224 Valkyrie project and I’m not disappointed. I talked to Robert Sutton yesterday about how this wild cat caliber has gotten both good and bad rap but know I’m doing my job as a shooter.

Rifle: Sig Sauer M400 VTAC upper/ lower; Trigger- Timney 4lbs; Gas Block Superlative Arms- .936”; Gas Tube- White Oak Rifle plus 2”; Stock- Magpul Stock PRS GEN3; Scope- Vortex 4.5-27x56mm 34mm tube, reticle- EBR-1C MRAD; Barrel- 1:6.5 twist 6 groove, Length- 22”; Contour, bull .980”, .936GB; Cyro- YES; Crown- 11*

Load Data (be responsible when reloading, bad practices could result in severe personal injury or death) Brass-Starline; Primer- CCI-450; Powder- H4350 26.8gr; Bullet- SMK 90gr; COL- 2.270; Magazine- AR-15 AR-Stoner 6.8mm.

Results below from 20190609:



Rob Shaw

May 15, 2019

Completed my build, just wanted to let you know how disappointed I was with accuracy [sarcasm], .32" group at 100 yards, you just couldn't get me single .20" hole groups could ya!!  Very pleased awesome barrel I will definitely be using guys more thanks for perfection!

Thank You



Just shot this group today at the range.

20" 1:8 223 Wylde Ar15 build 5 shots starting from a cold bore.

69gr Barnes HPBT Match Burner

23.7gr IMR4064

Norma Brass

Remington Benchrest Small Rifle Primer

-Mark Page

Excellent product and good results with 6.5 creedmoor 26 "MTU at 300yds and 600yds with wind between 13 and 22mph. attached photos of magnificent results. excellent team work. I hope you post this excellent product results.

--David Amaro


I purchased a 12” X-Caliber .308 barrel and a Rubber City Armory bolt carrier group from you guys and put together an SBR using a matched Aero Precision stripped receiver set I ordered locally.

The threads were messed up on the stripped upper receiver, but I was able to straighten them up enough to get the rifle put together and did your recommended barrel break in. After the break in, I couldn’t get the rifle to group well at all. I tried about 8 different factory .308 loads (an assortment of Hornady, Winchester, and Federal) and the best I could get was 2”-3” at 100 yards.

I was disappointed, but decided to order the B.A.R.T tool from you guys and see how it did. I figured if the threads were messed up, there may have been a problem with the face of the receiver. All I can say is you now have a customer for life. After taking the barrel off and using the B.A.R.T tool, I reassembled the rifle and was amazed at the accuracy. Attached is a couple groups I managed to print today.

They’re 3 shot groups at 100 yards using Federal Gold Trophy Match 175 gr. one is .33 moa and the other is .60 moa. I’ve been telling every AR guy I know about X-Caliber and the B.A.R.T tool.

-Jeremy Konderla


3 consecutive 3shot groups.  .257 7twist 6groove at 100yds. 

Straightest barrel I've ever had in the lathe and I've used all the big names.

-Mike Steiner/Owner
Alpha Custom Arms, LLC

Finally had time to finish my load on the 20” 22creed remage you sent me.
Thank you for making a great product !

-Chris Boger
Lubbock, TX