X-Caliber Barrel and MFG was born in late 2013 with its sights set on one thing, and one thing only: Producing High Quality Barrels. After diligent research, the desired machines were found, purchased, and put into place. Our team was assembled. Collectively, our team has over 100 years of barrel making experience. In mid July of 2014, X-Caliber shipped out its first barrel. Our reputation for superb quality and outstanding accuracy started taking shape. Proper planning, new machines, high grade materials and skilled workers with years of experience have solidified the foundation of X-Caliber so we can deliver a premium, accurate barrel at an extremely competitive price.

Since then we have experienced healthy, robust growth as our reputation for quality and accuracy has spread. Our barrels are found in game fields on 6 continents, military bases, on target ranges, in long range competitions worlwide, and on rifles in all 50 U.S. States.

We start our barrels with raw American forged 416R Stainless or 4140 Chrome Moly steel, that is cut, drilled, and reamed right here in our factory. We do not buy blanks from another company. We hand lap each and every barrel, both pre-lapping and then finish lapping after rifling and our proprietatary stress relief heat-treating process. All barrels are contoured, threaded, chambered and finished right here in our shop to exacting standards of excellence. We offer barrel blanks, contoured blanks, and AR barrels in five different gas system lengths. Our line of Pre-Fits includes barrels for Savage, Remington, Tikka, Bighorn, and Ruger Precision Rifles. We also offer custom fluting, engraving, Cryogenic treatment and Cerakote. Our line of B.A.R.T tools is a revolution in the accurizing of the AR platform. We also have a full compliment of AR bolts, barrel nuts, thread protectors, and muzzle brakes.

Whether you are building the custom gun of your dreams, or rebarreling a trusted rifle, X-Caliber Barrel & Mfg can supply you with the quality and accuracy you demand.