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Barrel Nuts, Rubber City Armory Bolts in all sizes, Prefit Barrel Nuts, B.A.R.T. Tools for AR15 & AR10, T-Shirts with more to come!



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B.A.R.T 1.0

All B.A.R.T. Purchases include up to one (1) .5oz bottle of lapping compound at no extra cost per order. Square the face of your upper to the BCG. Make your barrel in line with your upper.

Barrel Nuts for Shoulderless Prefit Barrels

Stainless Steel Barrel Nuts made by Triune Precision. Available for Savage Small Shank, Remington 700 "Rem/Age", Bighorn, Mossberg Standard Action, Mossberg Small/Mini Action, Remington 783 or Ruger American. RemAge, Savage/Mossberg Standard, Ruger/Tikka nuts use 1-1/4" wrench. Mossberg Small/Mini nut uses 1-1/8" wrench.

B.A.R.T 2.0

All B.A.R.T. Purchases include up to one (1) .5oz bottle of lapping compound at no extra cost per order. Step 1: Tighten BART's head in a bench vise on the "Flats" provided. Step 2: Put barrel in upper. Slide barrel nut over barrel and finger tighten barrel nut to upper. Step 3: Slide upper onto BART 2.0 until barrel extension locks onto the teeth Step 4: Tighten barrel nut to upper with barrel nut wrench to specifications stated by handguard manufacturer.

Lapping Compound .5 oz

For use with the X-caliber B.A.R.T Tools

Rubber City Armory Bolts/Carriers/BCGs

High Quality BCG's & Bolts (Non-Stock Item). If purchased with a proper-chambered/matching AR barrel on the same order, the bolt will be head-spaced to that barrel and that barrel will receive our 1MOA or better guarantee. --NOTE: LAST 2 LINE ITEMS IN DROPDOWN MENU ARE CARRIER ONLY---NOTE: MOST CARRIERS WILL SHIP WITH X-CALIBER LASER ENGRAVING LOGO INSTEAD OF RCA's LOGO


What is more custom than a barrel in your favorite color?

X-Caliber Logo Decal

"X-Caliber" Vinyl Decal. Cutout Type/Borderless with transfer sheet.

X-Caliber T-Shirt

X-Caliber Barrel & Manufacturing T-Shirt. Black. 100% Cotton. See below for sizing options and availability.
From $30.00

X-Caliber Embroidered Logo Beanie Cap

Black, 100% Acrylic, One Size Fits Most

X-Caliber Embroidered Logo Trucker Hat

Black, Adjustable

X-Caliber Laser-Engraved Custom Dog Tag

Customize 4 fields on the front of a metal dog tag. Any text over 8 characters in length per row will be shrunk to fit accordingly (max of 16 characters per row).